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Steal My Girl Video – Can We Break The VEVO Record?

On Friday 24th October this week (at 4pm GMT), the Steal My Girl video is going to be unleashed… and, it might just be the best One Direction video ever… You may have heard rumours of a chimp, lion, sumo wrestlers and ballet dancers being in the vid and we can confirm - they’re all true. So with the prospect of this literally being the video EVER, what better way to celebrate than going for the VEVO 24 hour record. That’s right – can we beat Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ with 19.6 million views in one day alone? If anyone can – it’s the best fans in the world* Make sure everyone and everything is prepared - we’re going to need support all around the world to give it a go. If you wanna start spreading the word – we’re using #StealMyGirlVEVORecord

REMEMBER: The video airs on Friday 24th October @ 4pm GMT. Get Ready.

*according to Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn

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Little bunny

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Niall horan at the Reading vs Derby Game [x]

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@NiallOfficial: An Irishman , an Englishman and a Welshman went onto a golf course………. @George_North @ben_foden great laugh lads !

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1D edit challenge | 1/3 ot3’s

nourry: “@NiallOfficial: @Louis_Tomlinson louis ring me.. harry told me somethin tday that u told him..TALK T ME.”

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